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We have enough Honors!!!!

Clubs Teaching Honors:

Name of the Honor Club Name:
Block Printing Thunderbirds
Card Making Thunderbirds
Braille Thunderbirds
Artificial Intelligence Thunderbirds
Electricity Thunderbirds
Dogs Thunderbirds
Poetry (Developing) Explorers
Scrap booking (Bring Photos) Explorers
Hymns Explorers
Pottery Explorers
Stars Trailblazers
Origami 8-3 Trailblazers
Lashing 8-12 Trailblazers
Lashing for TLT's 1-3 Trailblazers
Home Nursing Trailblazers
Crochet Estrellas del sur
Macrame Estrellas del sur
Heart and Circulation Estrellas del sur
Basic Nutrition Panthers
Lighthouses Panthers
Gift Wrapping Kathleen Story