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Pathfinder Club Drill: The Basics  - Drill and marching instruction has now been made easier! This one-hour video gives examples of "the basics" and is a companion resource to the Pathfinder Club Drill Manual. It's a great tool for all Pathfinder leaders.
Pathfinder Song - Every Pathfinder should learn the Pathfinder song. Use this high quality CD to help your club sound great! 
The Pathfinders Strong -  is an exciting visual presentation of the Pathfinder experience. It gives a history of the organization and shows Pathfinders around the world doing what they love to do best--Pathfindering! Watch active events, listen to inspiring stories, and feel the compelling Christian values that make Pathfinder clubs so attractive.
Length: 19:18. Taped August 3, 1989.
Drilling with Guidons - This is an instructional DVD that will teach you the basic guidon positions and how to incorporate them into your drill routines.
Why Knot?- This DVD contains a 2-hour feature in both English and Spanish. An introduction to knots, splices, and rope. Perfect for learning knots alone, or for use with a group.

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