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Rocks and Minerals
. type ‘list of rocks’ or ‘list of minerals’ in search box
A complete list of rocks and minerals
A website for rockhounds or people who would like to be rockhounds, you’ll find pictures of rocks, get tips for finding rocks, and learn ways to store your collection.
Big Rock Candy Mountain in British Columbia, Canada, collect quartz crystal geodes, green and purple fluorite or barite
Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas, USA, dig for diamonds at the state park, you can keep any diamonds you find
Crystal and Fantasea caves in Bermuda tour these caves and see amazing examples of calcite, soda straws, stalactites and helectite formations click on ‘exhibitions & galleries’ then ‘natural history galleries’
See one of the greatest collections of rocks, minerals, gems and meteorites in North America at the Royal Ontario Museum in Ontario Canada
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota USA View the giant 60 feet / 18 meter high heads of four American presidents carved into granite boulders.
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