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Mammals and Other Nature Sites
Fun facts for kids in almost every area
A site to see the blue whale, the largest mammal on earth
A search site where you can find information regarding the bumble bat
The Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of Natural History website lets you search for mammals by name or location. You can even print your own field guide based on the animals you selected.
Information regarding the whales that make yearly visits to Bermuda
Information regarding clues animals leave behind
To hear bird songs click on ‘animals, etc’ then click on ‘birds’
For fun facts and activities about birds click on search and type in ‘how do birds fly’
Video of bird flight click on ‘World Series of Birding’ then click on ‘Game Plan Booklet’ and finally click on ‘Facts and Figures’
Each year the New Jersey Audubon Society hosts a birding competition. Individuals and teams have 24 hours to identify as many birds as possible.
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