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Stars, Compass Use and Maps
Information on the Drinking Gourd and other clues from nature you can use to find north
Information on how to find your way north type ‘Beyond Polar Express’ in the search box
Answers to these questions:
How many miles / kilometers a day does the Magnetic North Pole shift?
Why don’t polar bears eat penguins?
Who lives at the North Pole? type ‘video explore the north pole’ in the search box
To see what the North Pole actually looks like type ‘topo maps symbols’ in search box
Topographic symbols
Information on the oldest map
How to take a bearing using an orienteering compass and a map
Free Canadian and US topographical maps type ‘the name of the park’ in the search box, then click ‘view map’
Free US National parks maps click on ‘interactive map’
Interactive map of Bermuda
The official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site, a good place to start when creating or finding a cache
Get waypoints from around the world, including your own neighborhood at Waypoint: The International GPS Global Positioning Waypoint Registry.
A complete list of Do’s and Don’ts in regards to Geocaching
Geocachers believe in not only leaving no trace on the environment, but also leaving it better than they found it! The term Cache In, Trash Out is used by geocachers to describe collecting and properly disposing of litter while geocaching.
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