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Backpacking, Hiking, Signs and Blazes
Hiking trails in Canada
US National Park trails
The Bermuda Railway Trail
The Trans-Canada trail, the longest trail of its kind in the world
The Appalachian Trail starts and ends in Maine and Georgia. This 2,175 mile / 3,500 kilometer trail goes through 14 eastern U.S. states.
This 3,100 mile / 4,989 kilometer trail follows the crest of the Rocky Mountains from the U.S.-Canadian border to the U.S.-Mexican border. It crosses five ecological life zones where you’ll find different landscapes, climates, plants and wildlife.
To learn about all of the North American continental divides
Boston’s Freedom Trail
San Francisco’s free walking tours
Toronto and Vancouver walking tours
A place to make your own walking tour map after talking to your local chamber of commerce or tourist information center
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